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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see the answer to your question on this page, please ask by using our "Contact Us" page.

Who is Lepine Home Inspections, LLC?

Lepine Home Inspections, LLC was hired to inspect the overall condition of the structural integrity and major systems of this property. Your inspector has passed National Certification requirements, carries a New Hampshire Home Inspection License, a Maine Radon License and follows a strict code of ethics.

How is the inspection performed?

Lepine Home Inspections, LLC adheres to National Standards and provides a detailed written report of our findings. Following these National Standards, the inspection is considered “non invasive”, which means that we observe and report.

Your inspector does not disassemble complex equipment in the home and will “flag” major obstructions to performing any part of the inspection.

What is your home inspector’s role?

A home inspector is like a general practitioner of medicine. During the course of the inspection, your inspector may recommend a specialist (structural, HVAC, etc.) where necessary. Lepine home Inspections, LLC will inspect the home and provide documentation of our findings in the form of a detailed report of the inspection. Our clients use this information to help them make decisions about the property

What your Home Inspector’s role is not.

Lepine Home Inspections, LLC is a home inspection company. We do not perform local building code enforcement, appraise real estate, or become involved in the sales process of the properties we inspect.

Our sole focus is on reporting the overall condition of the major systems and components in the property.

How long is the home inspection “Good For”?

A great question. Our report outlines the overall condition of the property at the time of the inspection. A lot can change in a relatively short period of time, especially if the home is left unoccupied or if utilities are disconnected.

Failure to perform routine maintenance, frozen pipes, vandalism, general neglect, etc. can dramatically affect the major systems in a home in a relatively short period of time.

How expensive is the home inspection?

The price of your home inspection is based on the type of dwelling and the square footage. Lepine Home Inspections, LLC works to keep our pricing competitive in the marketplace.

We refer our clients to a select group of reputable septic inspectors to help save them money. Finally, Lepine home Inspections, LLC chooses not to engage in expensive add-on sales like extended warrantees, etc.

What about water and radon air testing?

Lepine Home Inspections, LLC works with local labs and offers a complete range of water and radon air testing. Also, we charge the lab's pricing with no inflated markups.

What are your certifications / licenses?

* New Hampshire Home Inspection License #323

* Maine Radon License #SMC88

* Member of Internachi, the national Home Inspector trade association.